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According to the FBI, after-school hours are the peak time for juvenile crime and experimentation with drugs, alcohol and sex. In the United States, as many as 15 million children leave school with no place to go.


The fun and engaging curriculum prepares middle school students for high school, college, and the 21st century by offering academic support, enrichment opportunities, and nutrition and wellness education.


In addition to the curriculum, Atlanta After-School All-Stars programs not only provide a safe place for students, but also foster growth by encouraging students to give their best in school, at home and in the community.


Our six areas of focus are:

The Write Path, Family Matters, Mighty All-Star Athletes, Techsperts, CEO and All-Stars Got Talent.

Afer-School All-Stars founder, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gives thanks and praise to all who make up our Atlanta chapter of the program.

Write Path

The "Write Path" component of Atlanta After-School All-Stars advances our academic enrichment innitiatives; students receive tutoring, homework help, opportunites to conduct exploratory research, access to media centers and computer labs, and the opportunity to delve more deeply into science, technology, engineering, arts and math. 

Family Matters

Through the Family Matters component of Atlanta After-School All-Stars, we work to involve parents in their students' after-school endevours. Parent Academy, which aims to help parents enhance their financial literacy and Family Nights, a semesterly event during which parents are invited as VIP guests to witness their students' hard work in the after-school program, are examples of how we implement programs to encourage parental engagement.

Mighty All-Star Athletes

 Mighty All-Star Athletes comprises the health and wellness component of the Atlanta After-School All-Stars curriculum. Students attend nutrition classes, taught by Georgia State University graduate students, where they learn to make easy, affordable, healthy and delicious recipes. In collaboration with several of our sponsors, we provide plenty of opportunities to engage in physical activities that are not only fun and challenging, but that are also new and exciting. Over the years, our students have participated in fencing clubs, cycling clubs, tennis clubs, football, soccer, and basketball. This year marks the first of our latest addition to the Mighty All-Star lineup: Atlanta After-School All-Star Kickball League.


The TechSperts aspect of the Atlanta After-School All-Stars program gives our students the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of our technological world. Under the guidance of expert volunteers, and with the help of specially designed project-based learning modules, our students explore the vast and ever-changing world of web design, robotics, engineering, and technology to solve problems facing our community.


The Career Exploration Opportunites (CEO) initiative gives the Atlanta After-School All-Stars the chance to see how school-work translates to work on the job; through mentorship and job shadowing students get pose their questions to adults whose shoes they’ll fill in the future. The CEO initiative also gives students the opportunity to groom their leadership and professional skills through clubs and activities like debate team, student council, and public speaking engagements.

All-Stars Got Talent

Atlanta After-School All-Stars are a talented bunch! Through the All-Stars Got Talent programmatic component, students are able to express their creativity by participating in dance teams, music groups, producing and editing music, and creating art projects using a variety of media.

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